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The full overview of the Studyum Ecosystem and STUD token’s role within it

Have you ever wondered what your personal learning Metaverse would look like? 

According to Tony Parisi, the Metaverse is for everyone and no one’s, much like the Internet itself. But Studyverse – a metaverse composed on a blockchain-based Studyum platform – was designed just for you.

But what does that mean?

Studyum is a complex infrastructure of high-tech components that was made to individualize your learning experience within the Learning Metaverse. All of its combined elements are there to ensure improved learning outcomes, longer information retention, and enhanced practical use of knowledge. 

The High Tech components of Studyum

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Studyum’s state-of-the-art ecosystem is equipped with an AI capable of advanced pattern recognition and analysis. By implementing Machine Learning algorithms, every time you interact with the system, the AI adjusts your learning experience to be in line with your preferences and needs, making your learning more efficient than ever before. 

AR and volumetric video capturing: By offering an interactive environment, Studyum makes your learning experience more engaging and collaborative. Through immersive micro-lessons, you’ll never become overwhelmed, you’ll get plenty of breaks, and starting your learning process won’t seem as daunting a task as it usually is. 

Facial recognition system: The Studyum Ecosystem is a highly condensed infrastructure that allows its elements to fully complement each other. The facial recognition system is able to pick up on comprehension and motivation levels that, in turn, provide feedback for the AI on what type of content to serve, what other lessons and courses to recommend, and what kind of rewards to provide. 

Blockchain technology: Studyum is built entirely on the blockchain. Its sophisticated performance-contingent reward system issues the native token – STUD – to award and support exceptional students on their learning journey. Empowering the community to create, the platform allows people to add, trade, or sell their NFT crypto collectibles and tokens they earn along the way.  

Studyverse is…

…instantly accessible. Igor Dyachenko, the founder of Studyum Foundation, has waited until the technology necessary for his vision has become widespread to launch the Studyum project. Now, as the capacity to enter the Studyverse is right in our pockets, through our handheld devices, his vision can finally come true. 

…community-controlled. The activity of the community members is the driving force of the Studyverse. Through content creation and learning, the Studyverse can grow and expand, becoming a learning database through everyone’s cooperative efforts. 

…individually experienced. Even though the Studyverse was made for everyone, the Studyum technology-based infrastructure allows for an unprecedented level of personalization. Learning about the world is an experience made unique through our perspectives – Studyum wants to reflect that.

Why the blockchain

Achieving instant accessibility to a highly personalized experience would be impossible with centralized authority in the picture. Through the power of smart contracts, the reward system functions automatically, awarding tokens and rare NFT collectibles for performance. The transparency inherent in a DLT design encourages student responsibility and competitiveness while preserving high levels of security and privacy

Much like Eli Tan noted, the nature of a metaverse is such that it requires lighting-fast interoperability granted to a permissionless identity – something typical of blockchain technology. To create a metaverse that people can use with minimal delay and without restrictions other than those agreed upon by the community itself, it will have to borrow its structure from DLT concepts. 

The material taught in schools and universities is always one step behind the latest trends and discoveries. It is also heavily theoretical, so the students are unable to enter the labor market feeling prepared in more ways than one. By encouraging content creation and collaboration within the ecosystem, Studyum grants a fertile space for learning together in step with the newest concepts and trends

The Studyum Foundation’s Studyverse is being built on the blockchain to also empower learning by making it worthwhile in many ways. With an increase in the reskilling urgency, now more than ever, we need to accept that the only way to progress is by always learning. Accepting the principle of lifelong learning as the new standard is the only way to meet the future confidently.

The Learn-and-earn reward system

Much like the play-to-earn games currently rising in number and increasing in popularity, the Studyverse will incentivize learning by awarding the native token – STUD.

There is much research suggesting that people are less likely to have fun doing a task if they are expecting to get something from it (we talked about this at length in our Gamification Series Parts 1,2,3, and 4). Seeing as Studyum wants to make learning multidimensionally rewarding, the only way for learners to keep the drive is to make rewards proportional to performance. Learners’ rewards will increase or decrease depending on their levels of engagement, accuracy, and attentiveness. 

This is possible thanks to our advanced facial recognition system which is able to monitor and measure levels of interest and motivation in learners. By completely automating the reward distribution process and perfecting it with the AI’s assistance, our Studyverse provides students with instant feedback and support, as well as offers course and lesson recommendations in line with their interests. 

NFT crypto collectibles

Another, special honor reserved for the top-tier student performance levels comes in the form of customized and irreplicable NFTs. 

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are a unique type of token that cannot be replicated, representing a definite proof of accomplishment. Their existence on the blockchain allows them to be instantly accessible to students, teachers, and employers and serve as a reliable record of exemplary performance. 

Teachers can easily create and customize NFTs for their course, driving content creation and creativity. The exclusiveness of these tokens additionally motivates students to try their best and adds a dimension of competitive fun into the learning experience. 

STUD token – the driving force of Studyum

As we have seen, the native token of the Studyum ecosystem is a multifaceted component within it. It has use cases both in the Studyverse and outside it – as learners can exchange their $STUD for fiat currency if they wish to do so. It is a key to unlocking all the functionalities of the platform, allowing students higher levels of customization and more accurate recommendation of courses and lessons. So far it has been a sound means of investment – as it becomes publicly available, it can be bought, traded, or sold on DEX platforms. With the added complexity within the Studyverse itself, so do the possibilities increase for $STUD distribution and application. 

Made flexible for easy integration of emerging technologies, Studyum is a platform that will not only help its community learn and grow, but also learn and grow alongside it. 

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