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Learning Management Systems have lately been rising in popularity for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, LMSs offer unprecedented convenience to the user – the overall convenience of an easily accessible network of information, the alternative to location and time-bound classroom settings, and the instantaneous feedback students have come to expect from technology to name a few. 

The LMS industry itself has shown remarkable potential these last few years which has laid down a promising groundwork for exciting new developments. With a CAGR of 20%, the market will increase in value to a staggering $44.35 billion by 2027 according to Digital Journal. The main drivers of such rapid progress are the mobility LMSs offer in addition to the recent technological advancement accelerated by humanity’s need to find remote solutions to continue functioning during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

So what guarantees the success of LMSs and why are they becoming more and more popular? And how is Studyum better?

Learning Management System features

Learning Management Systems are sophisticated software applications that have many uses aimed toward improving learning outcomes and experiences. For example, an LMS could:

  • Allow system administrators to manage and update content 
  • Optimize the learning process by identifying knowledge gaps
  • Accelerate administrative matters within organizations
  • Provide instant feedback to users
  • Allow user interaction in real-time
  • Track student progress and report on notable achievements
  • Enable easy course planning and mapping
  • Etc.

When an institution integrates an LMS into its functioning it does more than just provide a convenient technological solution – it allows students to develop skills vital for their and society’s future prosperity within the Information Age. In the words of IFTF, the majority of current students are preparing for jobs that haven’t been invented yet. This is because many will be related to emerging technologies, like AI, VR, blockchain, and others. 

In such a precarious environment, it quickly becomes clear that employee flexibility will become the most sought-after quality of the future job market. 

LMS benefits

Learning Management Systems are an all-encompassing technological solution that has various advantages over other e-learning systems. They combine various elements of other edutech, like course design, diverse content, or assessment functions, but they also address some more universal issues within education. LMS are devised to provide:

Connectedness. Through forums, discussion boards, and chats students can reach out to their peers and teachers. Providing opportunities for discussions, asking questions, giving answers, and sharing interests is a major benefit of virtual learning environments. 

Self-governance development. Being able to organize one’s time, motivate oneself even under pressure, and adjust workload according to fixed deadlines are invaluable skills to have, especially considering the technologically-reliant structure of the job market in the future. LMSs offer many opportunities for self-management, training students to be adjustable and responsible. 

Globalization. LMSs are not location-dependent. They are available to students all over the world and offer many learning opportunities and resources which can increase student awareness of other cultures and communities that are foreign to them. 

Digital literacy. Not only are LMSs useful for familiarizing students with complex technology, but they also empower students to apply what they’ve learned across disciplines. The internet allows information to be easily accessible but does little to train students how to filter irrelevant information or properly utilize the information they’ve gathered for problem-solving. LMSs can cultivate students’ learning transfer abilities.

Studyum: The blockchain-based Digital Learning Solution

In addition to the features found within a typical LMS, Studyum has its own set of highly sophisticated solutions that truly bring the learning experience within it to the next level. 

Worldwide Decentralized Connectedness. Studyum is a decentralized platform functioning on a blockchain and powered by the latest high tech. Using AI and machine learning, it is able to support a student’s throughout the entirety of their learning journey. The Smart Chat function ensures learners always have someone to turn to, while its learn-and-earn reward system is programmed to distribute tokens and specialized NFTs for all acts that promote camaraderie and bring the community closer together. 

Self-governance development with support. The main issue with LMSs is that they do not offer support to students during difficult times in their lives. Whether they are feeling unmotivated or frustrated, Studyum is able to resolve the issue with the help of its emotional recognition feature. The system can adjust the course material, incentivize students, or motivate them with a quick gamified task, ensuring learners find it easier to engage in the learning process. 

Decentralized globalization. Despite the vast potential a typical LMS brings, they are often limited in functioning within organizations or similar units. Studyum is powered by blockchain – an inherently decentralized infrastructure that enables globalization through diversity, rather than institutional homogeneity. 

Advanced digital literacy. Studyum is a highly complex ecosystem designed for learning. It is incredibly intuitive and can pick up on the smallest learner cues, always ready to encourage some new direction for development or assist in pinpointing problem areas that require more attention. Studyum’s advanced algorithm ensures a personalized workflow for every student, creating a dynamic environment for an optimal learning experience. 

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