Your simple guide to Cardano – Part II

In Part I, we established what Cardano is and how it compares to Bitcoin and Ethereum. We also established how the network’s Proof of Stake protocol functions and adds to Cardano’s sustainability and security. Now buckle up as we consider Cardano from another angle – that of its speed, capacity, and use cases. Tipping the […]

Your simple guide to Cardano – Part I

As we’re inevitably approaching the start of the IDO stage, an energy in the community is becoming more and more noticeable. There is a clear wave of excitement over the Cardano-Studyum bridge and what it means for the further development of the Studyum project.  Remember, for a bridge between two networks to be possible, one […]

Cardano – another link in the Studyum chain

Studyum’s IDO will be hosted on OccamRazer, Cardano’s Smart DeFi Layer. OccamRazer is the first complete launchpad solution for the Cardano ecosystem. Accommodating a vast range of fundraising profiles, OccamRazer will be the key that unlocks the Cardano ecosystems’ liquidity.  – If you’re new to the cryptocurrency world, you’re probably wondering about who or […]

The Gamification Series Part II: Everything you need to know about gamification and Studyum

Having read the previous part of our Gamification Series, you probably already know three things: Gamification is the application of game elements in non-game settings, the purpose of which is to encourage motivation and engagement. Motivation is based on the human desire to optimize one’s well-being by increasing pleasure and reducing pain.  There are two […]

The impact of artificial intelligence on education

It’s hardly breaking news to suggest that artificial intelligence will play a significant role in most industries within the next ten years. However, it may come as some surprise to you that in its “Future of Jobs Report 2020,” the World Economic Forum predicts the displacement of 85 million jobs across 26 countries by 2025. […]

How energy efficient is cryptocurrency?

This year’s meteoric rise in retail investors’ adoption of cryptocurrency has been the stuff of legends. However, with this influx of inexperienced investors all keen to take advantage of the digital gold rush, apparently, it only takes a few ‘celebrity’ tweets and some negative coverage by the mainstream media to shake the fruit from the […]