Studyum as a Knowledge Matrix – The groundbreaking future of Learning Management Systems

Learning Management Systems have lately been rising in popularity for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, LMSs offer unprecedented convenience to the user – the overall convenience of an easily accessible network of information, the alternative to location and time-bound classroom settings, and the instantaneous feedback students have come to expect from technology to […]

Digital badges – How they work, why they are important, and are they worth it

Studyum is a project of vast proportions. It will be a multidisciplinary takeover of learning space until every student can learn in their own time and preferred way, highly effectively, and with improved learning outcomes.  The focus of Studyum isn’t only on supporting students throughout the learning but also before and after it. Learning does […]

Staking 101 – Everything you need to know about staking

Studyum is an advanced knowledge matrix that fully uses the power of blockchain technologies to establish a secure and transparent framework in line with our vision of making high-quality learning globally accessible. By basing the Studyum ecosystem on the blockchain, we can enable people to earn while they learn, reward them for their involvement in […]

Your personal Studyverse on the Blockchain

The full overview of the Studyum Ecosystem and STUD token’s role within it Have you ever wondered what your personal learning Metaverse would look like?  According to Tony Parisi, the Metaverse is for everyone and no one’s, much like the Internet itself. But Studyverse – a metaverse composed on a blockchain-based Studyum platform – was […]


By Jane Thomason We are heading for a Metaverse Age, a change that is creating new economies and ways of human interaction, merging the physical and the virtual. The powerful combination of game theory and blockchain is creating tokenized incentivization in virtual worlds. 3D internet pioneer Tony Parisi in his recent essay The Seven Rules […]

Blockchain and Sustainable Development Goals and the GameFi Economy

By Jane Thomason From the skepticism of its early days, blockchain has emerged into renewed hope for the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. In 2018, we wrote Blockchain Technologies for Global Social Change and made the case for Blockchain as a game-changer for Global Social Impact. We wrote the book because we wanted to bring the […]

How to learn better, faster, and more effectively

Studyum will create an individualized, accepting, and effective learning environment Converging toward the Truth Decentralizing any system within our current societal paradigm is hard work. If you haven’t already noticed, we are functioning in a world where the prevalent belief is that by gathering as much data as possible, by accumulating knowledge together within a […]

Studyum’s volumetric content: Immersive instruction like you’ve never seen before

We decided to address the recent rise in fascination over volumetric content and its use cases by making it the topic of this week’s Studcademy Lesson. So let’s break down together what volumetric means and how its application makes learning infinitely better. Volumetrics = volume + metrics? If you assumed the word volumetric to have […]

AR in Studyum: Your immersive learning experience


How Studyum uses AR to improve education “Tell me and I will forget, show me and I may remember; involve me and I will understand.” ― Confucius This famous quote might not have been something Confucius said (according to QuoteInvestigator, it might have been one of his followers), and yet it still rings so inherently […]